Sunday, May 23, 2010


Here are some beautiful shots from our new stockist WHITEROOM in Dunedin (and one of our turned lamp getting ready to go on display). As it was my maiden voyage to Dunedin, I was overwhelmed by its beauty and historical buildings - we did strike it on a sunny and still day (so my tour guides were telling me - my partner Paul and his Mum and John).

So more to my excitement, when arriving at WHITEROOM, it is situated in one of the oldest buildings on Moray Place, Dunedin and just a door or so down from the Dunedin art gallery - how convenient (will write about that later). First to greet us was Greg Lewis (click to see his work), wearing a Chuck Close portrait t-shirt I might add, we appeared to hit it off. Greg is of the fine arts persuasion and this comes through in the store with the sensitivity and considerations of the stores layout as well the selection of artists and designers. It is all not all down to Greg though, as then we met the stores owner Nick Scott - who we have thank for creating this very impressive space and promoting local design.

So all and all we were thrilled that both Nick and Greg are partial to our work, so from now on please find our collection in WHITEROOM in amongst a fine selection of the cream of New Zealand design.


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