Monday, May 24, 2010

Port Chalmers Design Store

Our next stop on our tour is Port Chalmers Design Store, situated in the beautiful Port Chalmers about 15 mins out of the centre of Dunedin. It was wonderful to see our work in the flesh in store and meet co-owner Becs Wilson. Becs Wilson, as my tour guides worked out within minutes, lives in the house next door to my partners late grandfather - apparently this is common in Dunedin!

The store is in a gorgeous 1970's shop with a lovely quality to it (aluminum and veneer sliding doors) this also resinates in some of the selection of display cabinetry - very nice! The stone wall is a delightful point of difference and really sets off the stores selection of work. I have also always been a fan of the stores branding and seeing it on the store windows was great especially fantastic when a minute later we were treated to the actual inspiration getting guided into the harbour by a brave wee tug boat.

Port Chalmers Design Store has also so started a facebook page so be sure to 'like' them oh and remember to 'like' us (workroom) also if you haven't already!!


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  1. Wow that shop looks really lovely and your lamps seem right at home.