Monday, March 15, 2010

Behind the scenes at the WORKROOM photo shoot- Oooh ah!

I just got in from an exciting day shooting our pieces in the studio. I really love doing this and seeing our work in the crisp studio. Tony our photographer is such a great guy that really wants to do the best he can for you- making sure the lighting is perfect- lighting lights can be quite tricky. Thanks to Dad and Paul who transported the table in and out and thanks to Kylie for being the best assistant as well as taking these wonderful snaps. Lastly thanks to Jafa for there wonderful tuna nicoise and ceasar that we had to celebrate after.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cornelia Parker 'No man's land'

Very EXCITED about the Cornelia Parker show at Two Rooms gallery. We went along to the opening tonight and it was delightful to see a snippet of her work in the flesh. I have just borrowed the above images from the Two rooms website- they are not exactly what was on show. There was a trumpet rendered in the same way that the silver teapot is (pictured). One in tact and one squashed- I was quite taken with this piece- pure elegance!

I liked the series of smaller works also- wire drawings very subtle but still in there own way captivating and then there was, I don't know the official word for it, but paper folded and then opened up to reveal prints- but done with snake venom and antidote- black and white in coloring these were quite special (please forgive me if I have not quite got the details of these works correct)

A really nice surprise, so often the 'B' list artist is like the wind beneath the wings, was the up stairs show by Joachim Bandau, with a series of mesmerising water colours. I really like them. Very delicate. I have not come across this artists work before but I am certainly intrigued to find out some more.

So all and all a show well worth visiting! On till the 11 of April at Two Rooms gallery, 16 Putiki Street, Newton.


Welcome to Michelle Beattie

Please welcome Michelle Beattie. Michelle and I went through Whitecliffe together and in fact we met on our very first day at art school and have remained very good friends since.

This is a photographic series titled Out of the blue and into the black, taken from a song title that Michelle finds her self repeating or revisiting subconsciously (not unlike when we get a song stuck in our heads). She draws parallels from these subconscious and 'half aware states' to these 'i've seen a million times before' grey days that she has photographed.

In capturing these scenes, which we might normally overlook, Michelle contemplates them and makes up her own narratives of what might be unfolding- "these scenes are not demanding anything from me."

In a time when hard hitting and shock value photography appears to be at the forefront these images are a breath of fresh air. They are familiar, emotive and some-what comforting. I have always had a soft spot for Michelle's sensitivity in her aesthetic- the subtlety of the greens and greys are truly superb.
Thank you Michelle for your work!

These works are available at Workroom store- Please contact me through the Workroom website

Katydid Paper Goods

These are a selection of oh so gorgeous cards made by Katydid Paper Goods in Wellington. This new lot just arrived and they are really quite special.
Thanks Katie!