Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marti Friedlander

I was fortunate enough to run into Marti Friedlander today at the Parnell photo centre- I have my photo taken there once a week as a part of a project that I am doing- I happen to know that she has a show on at the Gus fisher Gallery (runs until the 21st)at the moment. It was a perfect way to open a conversation as we both stood there waiting. I felt all shy as I know so much about her, being one of my favourite photographers, but I felt star struck and quite uncomfortable in her presence- good uncomfortable of course.  

The photo above is one of her portraits of Rita Angus- which there is also, as most will know, a Rita Angus show on at the Auckland Art Gallery (new gallery) at the moment. This image is apart of the Rita Angus show. 

They are truly remarkable women

Thank you Marti for inspiring me today


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beautiful cards by NICEWORK

These cards are so beautiful from nicework- I have more of there work arriving any day now- notebooks and really cool tea-towels....

I love getting christmas cards in the mail- hand written and these ones are extra spec!

Sarah Maxey is a graphic artist- I am particularly fond of her typography pictured in the second image.