Friday, April 23, 2010


My two friends and I, Michelle Beattie (who I have some of her photography work in store) and Yolunda Hickman, are preparing for an exhibition. We went to art school together and are rather like minded although our work is different I am very excited about working with them. I love the process of working towards a show and having a DEADLINE - love deadlines. The show will be in mid June and I will share the details once they come to hand.

Anyway all this show business has made me get to work on my art and get creative which appears to have rubbed off on me in my design practice and this morning I rather 'poetic' with my signs so I thought I would share. And another point about my signs, I really like the black board format, albeit high maintenance and not rain friendly it allows for these spontaneous moments.

Lastly another spontaneous moment was Willie, our geriatric Jack Russell terrier, decided last night to jump up on our shelving and sit himself amongst the artifacts. He still has it!