Friday, December 4, 2009


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It has been a busy time and I haven't had a chance to write of late. I have just graduated from Whitecliffe college with a bachelor of fine arts. These images are from my graduating exhibition. Held on the 26th of November. It was a wonderful occasion celebrating 4 years of work and learning- I was a bundle of nerves, excitement, sadness and  happiness. Thank you to all of my friends and family that came along to support me. And I would like to especially thank the fine arts faculty at Whitecliffe who have guided me through- Thank you Noel, Jill, Steve, Erich, Matt. 


Here is the artist statement that accompanied this work:

Seeded from anecdotes and everyday interactions, Snelling gathers, studies and observes these experiences to respond and comment. She exercises her role as an artist operating with no fixed premise and oscillating from a heavy-handed rigour to a hands-off director. Snelling believes that her idea will tell her how best to execute it and how this decision of methodology will support or take the idea further. Themes of nostalgia and human critique are examined in this exhibition and are presented both metaphorically and literally through games, sports and animals. We are asked to think about aspiration for success and fear of failure as well as how we can be misinterpreted and misunderstood by others as a fact of human nature.


“My art is autobiographical and I cannot be separated from it, although at the same time, I hide behind its many layers and guises”.


Rat 2009 Pencil on hot pressed paper 1500 mm x 1400 mm

Pig 2009 Pencil on hot pressed paper 1500 mm x 1400 mm

Chicken 2009 Pencil on hot pressed paper 1500 mm x 1400 mm

Dartboard 2009 Acrylic on linen 1400 mm diameter

Cork and feathers 2009 Hand turned cork pheasant turkey and dyed chicken and goose feathers

Twenty-three passport photos 2009 Passport photos (all taken at ‘Photogenics’ Parnell road taken  over the period of six months) Fuji prints 120 mm x 100 mm


Rebecca Snelling

November 2009 

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