Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beautiful cards by NICEWORK

These cards are so beautiful from nicework- I have more of there work arriving any day now- notebooks and really cool tea-towels....

I love getting christmas cards in the mail- hand written and these ones are extra spec!

Sarah Maxey is a graphic artist- I am particularly fond of her typography pictured in the second image. 


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  1. Hi Rebecca!
    Since you posted about inspiring women, I wanted to tell you that you are one of those to me, too. I have just posted about Workroom on my little NZ design blog called Fancy (at if you're interested) - I hope to come and visit your studio this summer, you and your father have a really beautiful aesthetic going on there. I hope you are having all the success you deserve! I also love John Healy's rings - will be posting about him on Fancy soon too ( have a real thing for kiwi jewellery designers, my dad was one!!)