Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PIGS and squash...

Presently the line of enquiry informing Snelling’s practice is based around human behavior and existence. Zeroing in on how one navigates there way through existence and how there are or are not boundaries or parameters in different contexts. Rebecca chooses to render this present line of enquiry through the investigation into various sports and there sets of rules. She also metaphorically aligns these set of rules with animal behaviour and human interaction with animals.

She draws from her own observations and experiences, the beginning stages frequently arrive from a personal memory. There is an autonomous quality to the way the work is experimented with and its resolved execution. This is not without the consideration of wider readings from the viewer. Snelling is concerned with the viewers response allowing an open ended nature to her work. She encompasses this somewhat puzzling and confronting showcase with her consistent attention to material and formal concerns. These concerns also respond to her exhibiting space and/or site specific that manages to convince her harshest critic which more often than not is herself.

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